Plus size clothing

How to Choose a Cocktail Dress for Plus-size Women Decide on the feature you want to emphasize.

Do you want to show off your great legs? Choose a dress that hits right above the knee. Do you have a nice collarbone? A V-neck will emphasize this feature. Do you have narrow wrists? Choose a dress with three-quarter length sleeves. At the same time, decide what your problem areas are and determine a party dress that will de-emphasize them. Determine where you will wear this dress.

Do you have an event in mind, such as a wedding or an office holiday party? The more formal the event, the less skin you will want to reveal. To get the most wear out of your dress, pick a classic, conservative style that works well at all occasions, such as a boat-neck knee-length dress. Purchase the proper foundation garment.

Nothing makes an amazing cocktail dress look worse than a bra strap popping out or bumps and bulges showing because the wearer did not buy the proper undergarments. If you are wearing a strapless piece, buy a strapless bra. For tighter, fitted dresses, consider purchasing a body suit. Anything skimming the body demands a foundation garment that will slim your waist and thighs. Choose the style.

An A-line skirt hitting right below the knee is universally flattering on plus-size women. Empire waists emphasize a woman's slimmest body part. Halter dresses draw attention to the upper portion of a woman's body and emphasize her face. Choose a fabric.

Flowing fabrics that drape around the body work best for curvier girls. Think about a soft satin or silk cocktail dress. Steer clear of stiff fabrics, although fitted bodices can be very flattering if the skirt is fuller. Add accessories to complete the look.

Pick one statement piece, such as a bold clutch or an elegant pair of earrings. Accessories can also draw attention to your best features or your problem areas, so select them carefully. If you have a wide face, stay away from overpowering earrings or a choker. Keep necklaces simple and small to draw eyes away from the bust area.

Tips to have a great plus size clothing shopping experience

Gone are the days when a plus size clothing store was hard to find. Plus-sized women were treated with less respect yesteryears and shops only used to carry those sizes that they considered as normal, forcing these ladies to dress blandly.

Developments in plus-size clothing

However, things have changed now. An increasing number of designers and clothing shop owners, having realised the growing demand of plus size apparels, are catering to the needs of these big and beautiful ladies by providing a wide range of options to choose from. As a result, plus-sized women now don’t have to shy away from latest fashion trends. Here are some of the notable developments;


In recent times, most local boutiques host outfits with sizes ranging from 0 to 30 which means there is something glam for all. Even though you wouldn’t find all styles in all sizes and some particular brands are yet to have come up with dress selection beyond regular sizes, still the scenario is lot brighter for plus size women.

Plus size clothing store

Aside from the boutiques, there are now many apparel stores that specialise in selling only plus size clothing. Since these shops are well aware of this particular body dimension they aim at flattering the shapes and sizes of plus size ladies by providing them with tailor-made outfits. You will find a better range of styles and designs and wider range of sizes in these stores.

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Catalogue shopping

Plus size ladies now have another option of ordering from home shopping catalogues. Two chief advantages of opting for catalogue shopping are;

• You don’t have to go out and spend hours in stores • You don’t have to feel uncomfortable while shopping

But, while ordering from a catalogue you have to know your size well. Once you know what size suits you best you can browse the catalogue, find the attire with right size and place an order. It will help if you have had a shopping experience with any specific seller previously.

Online shopping

This is another convenient option for plus-sized women like catalogue shopping. But again, you have to be aware of your size since you cannot try them on before buying. But online stores usually carry a larger selection of dresses.

Shopping of plus size clothing have come a long way and now a plus-sized lady doesn’t have any reason not to look fabulous.


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to Choosing Plus-size Clothing

Buying clothing can be a hassle if you are outside of the size ranges that many stores carry. However, fashion trends for plus sizes are making it easier and more fun for women of all shapes to buy beautiful, flattering clothing. Plus-size clothing is usually sizes 14 to 32, and sometimes XXL and up. You can easily choose plus-size clothing that suits your figure with a few simple tips.

Choosing Plus-Size Clothing for Your Figure

While you can choose to wear any style that you like, try to buy clothing that flatters your body. Avoid clothing that makes you look shapeless, baggy, or bigger than you are, unless these are the looks you are going for. Shapeless clothing is rarely flattering on anyone, so make sure you choose designs and cuts that accent your waist, your hips, and your bust. If you are self-conscious about one area of your body, then many plus-size garments actually cover areas, but there is no need to choose covering clothing if you do not want to. For example, long peplum blouses are good for covering the tummy, but you can also go with a fitted dress depending on your preference.

Know Your Measurements when Buying Plus-Size Clothing

Unfortunately, not every brand of women's plus-size clothing uses the same sizing. Therefore, while you may have a general idea of what size you normally fit, it is better to measure yourself and choose clothing that way to ensure a good fit. ASOS Curve is one example where there are significant differences between sizes. Other plus-size brands like Anna Scholz are relatively uniform in sizing.

Choosing the Right Styles of Plus-Size Clothing

With more and more fashion designers opening up their ranges and including plus-size garments in their lines, you can choose from a range of styles that suit you and your fashion style. Plus-size dresses range from fitted and sexy, to long empire-waist maxi dresses for casual wear. Plus-size jeans include fitted skinny styles, plain denim, coloured jeans, and boot-cut styles. Plus-size blouses and tops range from fitted basics to lacy fancy dress. You can try to aim for styles that fit into or match with the items already in your wardrobe, or go for something completely new. You can also decide whether you want clothing to be fitted, semi-fitted, or baggy, and how