Vietnam website design

Custom web design and mobile web development

Together with software development, website design and programming forms the backbone services provided by Viet SEO. Our top-notch website designers combine best practices in online branding with knowledge of screen resolutions, browser displays and download speeds to provide top-of-the-line web designs worthy of your brand.

Viet SEO is always committed to building website that works in fast time. Our developers possess deep understanding and experiences in working with website projects in various businesses such as retail ecommerce website, community portal, or even internal intranet web-based system. Being strong in different frameworks such as Zend Framework 2, Laravel, Magento, PrestaShop we have successfully designed and programmed a great number of websites, including flash animation websites and flex applications to meet all our clients needs.

Viet SEO utilizes pre-built content management system core to save both time and money. We can also help our client to develop systems from scratch to maximize the business support of the applications.

Custom Website Design and Programming to maximize business supports

With unique responsive website design and navigation, Viet SEO is dedicated to a custom-designed site, which is developed totally from the ground up, just for you. Custom Mobile Web Design is for those clients who need a strong branding presence or who have unique site organizational needs. Viet SEO's graphic artists often create multiple mock-ups before settling on the best, most effective Web design. The combination of our well-developed websites with custom content management tools and search engine optimization produces rewarding results.

Viet SEO's custom responsive web design sites are some of our most recognizable web designs. Our custom websites are developed specifically to convey our clients' unique online brands, expand market

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and achieve measurable business goals.

Custom Website Design requires a large amount of work to be done at the beginning. However, it is worth to pay enough time and effort at the beginning rather than pay for late and malfunction website later. The detail process of Custom Website Design is as below:

    Viet SEO masters your business by analyzing your business situation, the initial requirement and the current workflow;
    Our software designer bases on the analyzed business to develop Custom Website Design document which includes requirement specifications, function and data flow design, wireframe and layout design, test cases;
    We grant you access to our well-known Project management system to track your Custom Website Design progress lively;
    We upload deliverables to our development web server at milestones of the Custom Website Design plan.
    Beta release of Custom Website Design will be launched for acceptance test. Final release will be packaged and deployed on your server after the acceptance test completes.

Pre-built script for cost saving starting-ups or small scaled companies

Besides custom website design and programming solutions, Viet SEO offers low cost, must-have-function ready website package to new start-up or small scaled companies, where website needs to be up and running promptly without heaviness of business analysis. Wordpress development, Magento development, Ubercart store setup name the most open source famous framework that we apply. We also provide Viet SEO Core Content Management System with following functions ready within few hours:

    Fully search engine optimized with ability to change meta title, meta keywords, meta description; custom URL access code for meaningful query;
    Straight forward and easiest to use with anyone, even who has never used computer before.
    Promptly set up within few hours after template selected.
    Strong, powerful HTML editor integrated for anyone who has worked with office application to decorate the website.

When you choose Viet SEO as your Web development partner, you gain access to a talented and experienced staff of website designers, programmers, writers, videographers, photographers and search engine marketing specialists. We can help you develop a cost-effective, powerful online presence.

Why do you need a website?

The Vietnamese internet is booming and as more of the population becomes tech-savy, it is becoming expected that a business has a website- and if you do not, you may actually be bypassed for the competition that does have an online presence.
Why a web site for Yourself ?

On internet, nowadays your personality should be treated like a brand, and you need more than a poorly vanity site. Also employers or partners will depend on your website to make decisions. People who have invested time and effort in creating interesting websites will have a distinct advantage over people who expended their efforts elsewhere.
To give weight to your voice wihtout lower it

Having a personal website means to be above the traditional channels of communication, this most effective medium to express your opinions or creative endeavours that, otherwise, simply would not

Vietnam website design

an outlet. A website can be your virtual portrait parading your personality in front of everyone 24 hours a day.
For sharing your knowledge

It could be your online “pulpit”, from which you can deliver your opinion and share your knowledge, experience and enthusiasm with people who you might not otherwise have crossed paths with.
To become a member of bigger community

A website can be a meeting place where you can acquaint yourself with new people, and at the same time keep in touch with friends on the other side of the globe. You can conduct one-to-one conversations with many different people directly from your website. There are almost unlimited online communication possibilities.
To send the right message about you

In the world we live, people are turning to the Internet to find information about eachothers, and if you don’t have a presence on the Internet you will let some people sending the wrong informations about you.
Web design solutions in Vietnam

Viet SEO is composed of a team of professional web consultants, creative web designers, experienced programmers, SEO experts with proven skills to expand our client's business capabilities.

Our company works for clients all over Vietnam but we are also specialist in overseas projects (outsourcing offshore websites, websites maintenance,...).

We offer a full range of professional services and web solutions at affordable prices to suit any requirement or budget, from simple sites for individuals to fully customised web applications for bigger companies.

We are specialist in building a web presence, from designing a graphic chart to complex website database integration.

Viet SEO will help you achieve your online marketing goals in building website optimized for search engines, to help your company get more visibility and new customers.